Exploring Mexico: Touring Activities That Are Worth Trying

Mexico is one of the many countries that have emerged as top world destinations over the years. Despite the gloomy news that foreigners would frequently hear about this place, beneath the surface actually lies a rich culture and unique heritage that makes Mexico a must-see among travelers.

From its food to its heritage sites, Mexico has so many things to offer. Below are some suggestions about what you can do here during your short (that may well become a long and regular) visit:

Visit heritage sites and archaeological ruins

archeological ruins mexicoMexico is home to a huge number of ancient ruins dating back to the time of the Mayas and Aztecs way back so many centuries ago. These ruins are massive, and most of them have preserved the original architecture during their time, with features that are unique to the era that create an impressive sight. Many of the ruins are still left unexplored, so there are always new ruins being uncovered every year.

Many of the sites in Mexico are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, highly recommended destinations for those who want to learn about the different eras in the history of the country.

Aside from archaeological sites, Mexico is also home to some of the most breathtaking natural wonders. It has the second largest barrier reef around the world. It is also famous for its Copper Canyon, which runs for miles and even rivals the Grand Canyon.

If you are visiting Mexico for its ruins and natural treasures, some of the places you shouldn’t miss are: Campeche (for its Baroque architecture), Chichen Itza (for its famous Mayan ruins), Tulum (for its ruins on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean), and Mount Orizaba (a volcano that stands 16,000 feet tall).

Immerse in the country’s culture by trying its food and checking out its art scene

cultural presentation of mexicoMexico has a vibrant history that spans millenniums. And although so many things have changed in the country, bits and pieces of its ancient culture are still tucked in some areas. In places such as San Cristobal de las Casas, you can learn of the early Mayan traditions.

In the same way, the art scene in the country is largely anchored on its past. Not only are there so many museums that showcase the paintings and other artworks of famous Mexican artists, but many of the architecture in today’s Mexico are works of art in themselves. Artworks can even be found on its streets, most especially so in San Miguel de Allende where artists frequent and come together.

Food in Mexico is not only a gastronomic experience; it’s also a cultural adventure. In fact, Mexico food is one of the very first food considered as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. If you’re visiting the country, don’t forget to try their local specialties such as chilpachole and carnitas.

Enjoy the beach

beach time in tulumWhile a visit to Mexico won’t be complete without checking its archaeological sites, you’ll also miss out if you don’t try its beaches. The tropical climate of the country makes the beach an ideal destination during your vacation. And with the great number of beach varieties that you can choose from—from peaceful and calm spots to packed beaches with huge waves that are ideal for surfing—there’s surely something for you here.

Together with its different beaches are various water activities available for different levels of adventure. You can simply enjoy the beach and swim, explore underwater by snorkeling, or brave the waves and surf!

Go on a land or water adventure

swimming in a cenote at riviera mayaIf your idea of a perfect vacation involves your adrenaline levels rushing to new highs, there are many activities in Mexico that you can try. You can start by having a horseback ride to the mountain, and then end up exploring a cenote in the heart of a jungle. Many of these cenotes are found in a cave-like structure, and you may need to rappel down or jump to a body of water with an unknown depth in order to explore. High gliding, rafting, and climbing are just some of the adventures you can have.

If you’re an animal enthusiast, then you’ll enjoy the seas of Mexico. The Sea of Cortez, for instance, is so rich in marine animals that many call it the world’s aquarium. Another sight of wonder in Mexico is the billions of monarch butterflies that come to the Michoacan mountains. If you’re visiting in late October, this is the best time to see them.

So, are you ready for a great escapade? Head to Mexico and see and experience things and adventures that you’ve never seen and experienced before!

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