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Hola! Please call me Manuel – or Noli, as my closest friends call me.

On the web, my personal blog site is Adobo Republic and if you’re interested to know more about me, my Facebook where I actively post regularly.

I am your personal tour leader at Galleon Tours and I would like to invite Filipinos to consider Mexico as an alternative destination other than the Philippines and for me to be your kababayan guide.

Why promote Mexico instead of my homeland, the Philippines, you may wonder?

My main response to that is this – because I live in Canada, I find it more practical for Filipinos living in Canada (or the U.S.) to spend holidays in Mexico than in the Philippines. Specially if you have limited holiday time from work like I do.

That is not to say that we don’t promote the Philippines, because we always did. In fact, as travel agents, the Philippines is our main offers when we were starting and were still promoting up to now at Asia Connection Travel.

If you need airline tickets to the Philippines, we’re your specialist in that area. Consolidators & other wholesalers have come to know us since 2003 as specialists in the Philippine market that’s why we can find you the best possible airfare to our homeland that is being promoted by the airlines. And by special airfare, I mean the “airline seat sale” for the Philippines and also for Southeast Asia.

Cancun beach

Cancun beach

Top of Coba ruin

Top of Coba ruin

But this website is not about the Philippines. It is about Mexico.

So, for trips to Mexico, what I’m offering is for you to experience how practical it is to spend your holidays there, specially if – here goes again – you live in Canada or the US.

I can also show you that it is cheaper to holiday in Mexico compared to the Philippines, even if Mexican peso has lower exchange rate than Philippine peso against the dollar (Canadian or US).

Parque Kabah

Mayan House Cancun

Rio Lagartos

Rio Lagartos

But best of all, I will let you discover how closely similar Mexican culture and cuisine is to ours, as well as take you back in time when Mexico and the Philippines are sharing the same history together.

Learn more as I share on this site….

More photos of my travels to Mexico: Chapultepec castle, Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine, Acapulco to Mexico City, Cancun & Riviera Maya 2014, Teotihuacan, Manila Galleon Museum Acapulco.

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Acapulco (snorkeling trip)

pinoy acapulco tour guide

canons at Acapulco museum

tour teotihuacan with filipino guide

Teotihuacan ruins

guide in mexico city for filipinos

Mexico City Cathedral