Filipinos Learning Spanish Visual Phrase Translations On Social Networks

Starting today (13Aug2016), I will be posting phrases in Spanish, English & Filipino that members & followers of my Facebook group – Filipinos Learning Spanish can take note of to aid them in learning Spanish (but may also be useful for those who are learning English & Tagalog).

I used the flags of Mexico, Canada and the Philippines to illustrate what the language is. I know that the flags of Canada (for English) and Mexico (for Spanish) probably does not popularly represent those languages, but they are countries that I have personal connections in so, I used them. Canada is my home and Mexico, well, I’m still working to become a permanent resident but is presently my yearly long-stay destination of choice.

I am also posting them on my other social network accounts like Twitter & Instagram, so my friends from those other social networks won’t miss any of my postings.

I know that there are other Spanish-language learners like me on the web who may learn a thing or two from the postings and I do hope that with the inclusion of English & Tagalog translations, learners of those other two languages get to like the postings, as well.

And please do SHARE the Facebook page and this site if you liked what you see. Thanks.

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