Story Behind Galleon Tours

Galleon Tours is an idea that came about after a trip to Mexico in January of 2013. It is our first visit to a Latin country, outside of our regular offerings of the Philippines and Southeast Asia. And it was a complete surprise for us.

Our travel agency in Canada specializes in the Philippines and Southeast Asia only as a travel destination because we know the region so well and knows how wonderful the countries in that region are. Them are the only tropical destinations that we can recommend with confidence because of that.

In fact, whenever we would like to have a winter break, the only places we spend our holidays in is either Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong or another Southeast Asian country. We have never considered any Latin country before, even if anyone of them are just as tropical as their Southeast Asian counterparts. So much so Mexico, because of the bad press the country is getting from the mainstream press in Canada.

But then, everything changed when we did our first Mexican holiday.

We visited Cancun and had fun as a family. Not only the city is lovely to visit, I also found out after staying behind, that all the hoopla in the press that Mexico is unsafe to visit, are just that – stories. All I experienced were friendly people, green & beautiful sceneries, cheap cost of living (if going local) and a culture that is so much like the Philippines.

I went again the next year to explore and discovered that Mexico indeed can be a replacement for my usual travel destination. The country is closer to our home in Canada, the airfare is much cheaper, flight time is much shorter, cost of living is also cheap (not as cheap as the Philippines, though), there’s almost no time difference with Canada, the culture is similar to Filipinos and I will get to learn or practice Spanish.

In addition, the more I become intimate with the country the more I am discovering about the important historical relation between Mexico and the Philippines that was brought about by the Manila Galleons.

And I have not added that there are plenty more sights & nature to discover, explore, photograph & enjoy.

Because I thought many of our customers and friends will like what I found out, I decided to start offering specialized, flexible tours to Mexico under a different travel brand than what we’re offering for the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Galleon Tours was thus born.