Galleon Tours is a specialized tour agency offering immersion trips in Mexico and her Latin-neighbor countries. We work in partnership with various tour guides and tour coordinators in Mexico, who specializes in cultural, sustainable trips around Mexico and Latin America, using the local residents of the places we visit and local transports for a more in-depth immersion experience.

Marketing Manager, Galleon AdventuresManuel “Noli” Maniquis: Web & Offline Marketing, Product Sourcing & Research, Filipino-guide in Mexico.

I am responsible for the marketing side of Galleon Adventures, including the development of the website, as well as promoting the destination products online and offline. I will also be your Filipino tour guide in Mexico.

I love a tropical environment – being close to the ocean, nature and lush vegetation so, although my homeland (the Philippines) is tropical, I’m drawn to Mexico and Central America because of their proximity to Canada (my present home).

I am now spending most of my holiday time in Mexico immersing in Spanish language learning, exploring more the ancient ruins of this country, researching/exploring the voyages of the Manila Galleon including searching for traces of the Filipino sailors who chose to make Mexico home and continously researching where in Mexico I will decide to snowbird in.

(Read more about me here and my personal blog is here)